These are the five ministries within CBS that help us accomplish our mission and purpose. There are teams for each ministry that gather to pray, plan, and serve the fellowship in these capacities. If you would like to get involved with any of them, please contact the respective leaders of that ministry.

Bible Studies

The Bible Study ministry is responsible for organizing small groups and training the leaders of the groups to gather together and engage in faithful study, understanding, and application of the Holy Bible. This is accomplished through providing training and resources to the Bible study leaders on how to effectively lead, shepherd, and care for their small groups.

If you would like to be placed in a small group or would like more information, please contact Lauren Kam (ltk28).


The Reach ministry’s purpose is to encourage the fellowship to love the communities inside and outside of CBS. We want our members to follow Christ’s example of love through His caring and teaching of His disciples, as well as His pursuit of the lost. Reach ministry has both in-reach and outreach arms, which allows us to spur on those who are Christian and share the gospel to those who are not yet Christian. Through events such as fellowship dinners, ACEs (After CBS Events), Dial-a-Donut, and CBS Coffeehouse, we hope to create bonds in the fellowship and cultivate a heart for evangelism.

If you are interested in serving on the Reach Team, or if you would like to hear more about this ministry, please contact Alice Zhao (az343), Raymond Zhang (rjz44), or Ji-Won Choi (jc2653).


The first thought popping to mind when hearing praise team is that of playing music and singing. While we don’t deny the awesomeness of beating drums and resonating harmonies, these God-given talents are nothing but instruments to praising God and pronouncing our faith in Him. As a team and ministry, you’ll see us Friday nights at large group singing or playing our hearts out because we find joy in worshiping God. But outside of Friday nights, our team continues to learn about God’s multi-faceted nature and distinctive characteristics that make Him worthy of worship. Praise team usually gets written off as for those who play piano or like singing, but we believe that it is actually for anyone wondering about God’s awesomeness. We would love for you to come join us at our meetings to learn more about the words we sing and the God we praise. Please contact Shelly Zhang (sxz2) for more information.


Prayer is the simple act of talking with God. It is something that is inherent in the every day life of a Christian, the foundation of a relationship with God. If we are to follow scripture and praise God with every breath, we pray unceasingly. Hence, this ministry is devoted to teaching and fostering a heart for prayer within CBS.

If you would like more information about this ministry or would like prayer, please contact Angela Huang (ah947) or Ray Zeng (rz72).



Discipleship is a new revamped ministry within CBS. We decided that through this ministry, our Servant Team can form a deeper and more knowledgeable bond with our members. We desire to equip every underclassmen in CBS with an older ‘prayer partner’ to encourage accountability and growth with fellow brothers and sisters. This ministry is dedicated to supplying each prayer partner duo the resources to grow in Christ, such as books or exercises to encourage growth. This ministry is also responsible to connecting upperclassmen with older disciples (usually adults from local Ithacan churches) so that they may be prepared for the real world.

If you would like more information about this ministry or would like prayer, please contact Melanie Lim (ml876) or David Wu (dw434).