Bible Studies

Throughout the week, our fellowship gathers at various times and locations in small group Bible studies. These are great opportunities to grow in your faith and share life deeply with a few other people. Most meetings will be spent engaging in careful and faithful study of the Scriptures and discussing how they point to Christ and the Gospel. Community and accountability are also built through sharing and praying for one another, in addition to applying the Word of God to all areas of life. Small groups will partake in fun events, evangelism, and  community service opportunities throughout the semester as well.

If you are interested in joining a group, please contact the leaders listed in the groups below.

Fall 2018 Semester Bible Study Groups:

  • Monday, 7:30pm, in Collegetown with Amanda (aa869) and Kevin (kg349)
  • Tuesday7pm, on West Campus with Ji-Won (jc2653) and Darren (dwc236)
  • Wednesday, 7:30pm, on North Campus with Felicia (fjs66) and Felix (fyy2)
  • Thursday7pm, on North Campus with Lauren (ltk28) and Chris (cq39)

If you’re new to CBS, feel free to visit any of the Bible studies if you want to check it out. You can email the leaders for location and other information.

We’re so excited to dig into God’s Word with you all!